1. BOISEN, Jack  W. - (USA)  Keynote Speaker (Flash)
  2. DePOYSTER, Dr. Jerry  (USA)  An Overview of the Ongoing Development of OIE's Animal Transport Guidelines  
  3. DOONAN, Dr. Gordon - (Canada)  Rewriting Regulations: A look at the Transportation Issues in Revising Canada's Health of Animals Regulations
  4. FRIEND, Dr. Ted H. - (USA)  Current Research on Horse Transport
  5. GIMENEZ, Dr. Med. Vet Tomas  (USA)  Causes of and Response to Equine Transport Emergencies
  6. GRANDIN, Dr. Temple - (USA)  How to Audit Animal Welfare During Transport
  7. HEIDEBRINK RTLATG, Gail  - (USA)  An Inside look at a Ventilated Animal Transport Unit
  8. HILL, Jeff - (USA)  Unique Trailer Design by an Innovative Company
  9. JOHNSON, Kay - (USA)  The Power Behind Animal Right Activists in North America
  10. JOYCE, Joseph M. - (USA)  Air Automated Manifest Systems (AAMS): Advanced Electronic Information
  11. LEWKOW,  Kendra - (USA)  Planning Ahead: First Class Travel for Budweiser's Clydesdale Horses
  12. LIEBEGOTT, Erik - (USA) Being Proactive: Preplanning to Develop a Unique System of Transport for Lab Animals & Lessons from Katrina: Disaster Planning and Response Management for Pets and Lab Animals
  13. MacINNES, Tianna- (Canada) Industry Bio-security Precautions: A Look At Bird Flu
  14. MAIER, Dr. Wolf - (USA)  AATA Annual Conference: An Update on the EU Animal Transport Regulations
  15. McCONNELL, Dr. Irving - (USA)  In Times of Political Unrest of War: Rescue of Baghdad Zoo Animals
  16. MELSE, Dr. Patrick - (USA)  New Options to Help Reduce Travel Stress & Anxiety in Animals
  17. MITCHELL, Dr. Malcolm - (U.K.)  Legislation versus Science: Are the Proposed Thermal Limits in the European Legislation in the Best Interest of Animal Welfare?
  18. OSBORNE, Walter (Mike)  (USA)  Transporting Endangered Species in Compliance with CITES
  19. PARANHOS DA COSTA, Dr. Mateus - (Brazil)  Livestock Vehicle Design Research and Transportation Trails in Brazil
  20. ROBINSON, Kevin - (USA)  Meeting the Challenges Presented by Environmental Conditions during Transit of Marine Animals
  21. ROJAS, Martin - (USA)  C-TAT and FAST: Expediting Compliant Live Animal Shipments at USA Ports of Entry
  22. RUPPERT, Ryan - (USA)  The New Master Cattle Transporter Training Program
  23. SINGLETON, Dr. William- (USA)  Handling Lab Animals Safely
  24. SMITH, Doug - (USA)  Threat Management Strategies for the Animal Transportation Industry
  25. TILBURG,  Raymond - (Netherlands)  Customs Clearance & Documentation Requirements for AVI Arriving or Transiting Amsterdam
  26. WOODS, Jennifer - (Canada)  Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail! Do you Have An Emergency Plan in Place?

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