2018 CONFERENCE PRESENTERS (coming soon)

Below is a sampling of some of our 2017 conference presenters.

Joerg Bodenroeder

Pandemic Disesase at a Border Control Station - Experiences of an Exercise

Joerg holds a degree in agricultural science and environmental protection. After his education, he
started his career with the German military forces for several years. In August 2001 he joined Lufthansa
Cargo where he was responsible for the provisioning of the world wide cargo stations with the
necessary ground handling equipment. End 2002, Joerg was then charged with managing the project
"Security-Hub Frankfurt" before he moved on to heading the department "Terminal Maintenance" of the
Lufthansa Cargo Center in Frankfurt in 2005.

Between March 2011 and December 2014, Joerg Bodenroeder headed the Competence Center
Temperature Control of Lufthansa Cargo's temperature controlled special product Cool/td.
In January 2015 he took over the responsibility for the handling of Lufthansa Cargo's special products
at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge, the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center, the Valuables Center and the
operation of perishables of Lufthansa Cargo at Frankfurt Airport.

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Kathy Cargile  

Live Animal Shipping on Commercial Air Carriers

Kathy Cargile is the Senior Manager of Specialty Sales at American Airlines Cargo. Kathy manages the live animal, human remain and high value products that transit on American Airlines, globally. In this role, Kathy works both internally and externally to support proactive and competitive changes in the product and service offerings to our customers.

Kathy is no stranger to the airline industry, having spent twenty seven years in global sales with American Airlines. This experience has taught her the importance of understanding what our customers want and how competitive product offerings can positively impact revenue growth. Prior to working in cargo, Kathy worked in passenger sales and served as a regional sales manager, where she managed 7 states and 21 cities in the South East Region.  She also worked as a global account manager in internet corporate sales, and served ten years as a corporate sales manager selling American products and services to global corporations and travel consultants in DFW and the West Coast.

Kathy is chair of the Cargo Sales Advisory Board and is an active member of the LAPB / TTTF IATA Board supporting Live Animal rules and regulations. Her volunteer role as VP of the Professional Women in Aviation, EBRG supports 1400 members and 8 chapters within American Airlines. She also is the founder of an organization in Dallas, TX. Called, “DFW Cargo Chic’s in Heels” This is a networking organization supporting the women in the field of global logistics.

Kathy lives in Frisco, Texas and is passionate about her family, her pets, American Airlines and its endless possibilities. Kathy is a seasoned professional who provides knowledge and service of the industry and assists in creating dynamic products that provide a premium ROI and investment for American Airlines and our stakeholders.

To contact Kathy, please email or by phone at 817-706-0109

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Jackson Chan

How e-AWB and e-Freight Changes Animal Shipments

Jackson Chan is Cargo Services Manager, e-Freight, at Cathay Pacific Airways, Ltd., and e-Freight Management Group (EFMG) Chairman in Hong Kong. His focus is on the development and delivery of IATA e-AWB and e-Freight in Hong Kong and system-wide.

Prior to working in cargo, Mr. Chan was Project Manager in the Information Management Department managing major projects such as CargoIQ, the Mail Tracking System, Electronic Customs Interface and the Booking Engine.
Mr. Chan studied and completed his Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. He began his career with Cathay Pacific in the IT Department in 1986.

Do you know how e-AWB and e-Freight has changed animal shipments?  Mr. Chan will share the Cathay Pacific e-AWB and e-Freight roll-out status and how e-Cargo will work in the future.

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Linden Coppell

Managing our Animal Footprint

Linden Coppell has over 20 years of environmental and corporate social responsibility experience, including the development of carbon management strategies, preparing tailored environmental management systems and preparing Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

Linden joined Etihad Airways at the beginning of 2009 with the responsibility for developing the overall sustainability strategy for the airline. She is currently implementing initiatives for key areas such as emissions and waste management and supporting the development of alternative sustainable fuels, as well as managing the charity and humanitarian program and developing a strong culture of environmental and social awareness throughout the business. A key aspect of her strategy is developing and implementing animal protection policies for the business. She instigated the commitment of the airline to the United for Wildlife initiative to help in the prevention illegal wildlife trade and has partnered with a number of organizations to help ensure that tourism activities promoted by the airline do not negatively impact the welfare of animals.

Prior to joining Etihad Airways Linden worked as the Environmental Manager of Cathay Pacific Airways from 2003 until 2008. Linden represents Etihad Airways on the Environmental Committee of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Environmental Policy Group of the Arab Air Carriers Association (AACO). She is the Chair of the IATA Environment Committee Wildlife Taskforce.

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Adis Dijab, DVM

Live Animal International Trade Policies: Experiences and Perspectives

Dr. Dijab is the Animal Product Permitting and Negotiation Services National Director at the United States Department of Agriculture. He is currently stationed in Riverdale, Maryland. He has been with Veterinary Services since 2006.  Prior to his current position, he served as the Air and Sea Port Services Director, Area Veterinarian-in-Charge for Alabama, Assistant Area Veterinarian-in-Charge for New York, and Field Veterinary Medical Officer with Veterinary Services, Virginia. Dr. Dijab began his federal service with the USDA, Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) in North Carolina as a Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer in 2004. Prior to his federal career, Dr. Dijab worked at a small animal clinic in Bowling Green, Kentucky, from 1996 to 2004. He received his DVM from Zagreb University College of Veterinary Medicine in Croatia in 1996.

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Alan Dyson

EU Transport Regulations

Having completed a course in general agriculture, Alan worked for a UK feed manufacturer on their pig breeding programme. In 1969 he joined PIC (Pig Improvement Company) UK and developed a newly established export department. This involved moving shipments of breeding pigs by road, sea, air and even rail, mainly to European destinations. In 1995 he joined PIC Europe and was responsible for the supply of breeding stock to new PIC operations in Asia, North and South America and Russia, as well as developing PIC business in Greece, Cyprus and Former Yugoslavia. Since taking partial early retirement in 2008, he has continued to assist with shipments from Canada and the USA to Europe, as well as being the UK National Pig Association’s representative in discussions with the UK Ministry of Agriculture on EU animal transport issues.

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Suzanne Gendron

The Challenges of Transporting Aquatic Animals

With 38 years of experience working in the field of animal care and conservation for zoos and aquariums, Suzanne is highly experienced in managing the acquisition, medical and husbandry care of live animal collections, as well as education programs and the training of husbandry staff. Currently, Suzanne is the Executive Director of Zoological Operations & Education at Ocean Park Hong Kong, responsible for the strategic direction for the Park’s conservation and education efforts, as well as overseeing the Park’s animal care and veterinary services. Prior to joining Ocean Park in 1998, Suzanne had been working with Sea World California, USA and SeaWorld Indonesia where she was heavily involved in animal care and increasing public awareness on conservation for coral reefs and the marine environment of Indonesia.

Suzanne also devotes her efforts to contribute to the zoological industry. Currently, she serves as the Foundation Director of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong; Board Member for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA); Chair for the Aquarium committee of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and Committee Member for the WAZA Membership and Conservation committees; Committee Member of the AZA Marine Mammal Taxon Advisory Group; Board liaison for the AZA Aquarium committee; and Member of the Zoos and Aquariums Committee for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

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Stacy Gordon

Import and Export of Reptiles at Hong Kong Airport

Stacy Gordon arrived into Hong Kong in 1972 as a young girl, completed her education there, and has made Hong Kong her home. Having always had a love of animals, she brought lots of waifs and strays home all through her childhood -- much to her parent’s dismay! She worked as a veterinary nurse and then practice manager for over 10 years until she bought Ferndale’s in 1994.  She takes great pleasure in being able to help ensure pets are not left behind and have the correct documentation to travel with their owners. Over the 22 years she has owned Ferndale’s she has shipped thousands of animals worldwide.  Stacy’s favorite job is the exotics, as they are always a challenge!  She holds a diploma in Animal Husbandry, is a qualified Pet Nutrition consultant and holds a certificate in Health and Social Care.

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Andrea Gruber

Updates on the Live Animal Regulations (LAR) and International Cargo Requirements

Andrea Gruber is Senior Manager at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is responsible for delivering international standards and business processes for the air cargo supply chain.

Mrs. Gruber is leading IATA’s Cargo governing bodies, comprised of airlines and air cargo supply chain stakeholders that provide the regulations for the air transportation of Live Animals, Perishables and Healthcare Products. She is secretary to the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board and the Time and Temperature Task Force Working Group. Prior to working with IATA, Mrs. Gruber worked at the International Road Transport Union (IRU) as head of a division implementing, at the customs and business level, tools to assist the application of risk management. Mrs. Gruber studied in Geneva at the University and at the Graduate Institute of International Studies (I.U.H.E.I.) and holds a Master of Sciences in International Relations.

During the Annual ATA Conference in Hong Kong Mrs. Gruber will deliver a presentation on the latest updates of the Live Animals Regulations (LAR) as well as on the international cargo requirements when shipping live animals by air.

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Dr. Xue Han

Rodent Transportation Management

Dr. Xue Han received her doctorate of Preventative Veterinary Medicine from the China Agriculture University in 2008. She also holds certification as a senior veterinarian with the China MOA.  Since graduation she has worked in animal disease diagnosis, surveillance and epidemiological investigation. She has published more than twenty papers in international and Chinese journals and she is the editor of several published books. Dr. Han is currently Chief Veterinarian at Vital River Laboratory Animal Technology Co., Ltd.

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Candice Hobday

African Horse Sickness: The Effect on South African Exports

Candice Hobday was born and raised in South Africa. An avid equestrian enthusiast, Candice competed up to Grand Prix level in dressage at CDI***events. Although having a qualification in Bachelor of Science from the University of Witwatersrand, having a deep passion for horses, it was inevitable that she found her niche in the equine industry. This was as a shipping agent. Candice is also a director in an equine insurance company called Arco360.

Hobday Equestrian Enterprises began operating in 2000 and was formalized in 2006. As the leading shipping agent in South Africa for both imports and exports, Candice has been an integral part of the African Horse Sickness saga that has crippled the South African Equine industry and therefore has interesting insight into the effects and possible future solutions.

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Dr. Paul Honess

Welfare Considerations Surrounding the Transportation of Primates

Dr. Paul Honess’ doctoral study examined galago (bushbaby) behaviour and taxonomy in tropical forests in Tanzania, but he has also studied primates in a number of other tropical countries in Africa and also in Brazil. He also has considerable experience of studying native British and Saudi Arabian mammals including trapping, radio-tracking, sedation, anaesthesia, and live and post mortem sampling for bovine tuberculosis and rabies. He has taught primatology at several universities in the UK. From 2001-11 he held the post of Research Primatologist in the Department of Veterinary Services at Oxford University conducting and publishing research into and advising on welfare of primates used in breeding for research as well as those being used for studies in immunology and neuroscience. He now works as Director of Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Research for Bioculture Group (based in Mauritius) researching the behaviour and welfare of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis).

In 2005, together with Sarah Wolfensohn he published a book: Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare (Blackwells Scientific Publications), which though primarily derived from experience in a UK/European context nevertheless, has relevance wherever primates are kept in captivity and was translated into Japanese in 2007. He is actively researching and publishing on the subject of primate welfare and maintains an active interest and involvement in other aspects of primate biology, including conservation. He has served on the council of the Primate Society of Great Britain and in August 2008 Chaired the Executive Committee organising the 22nd Congress of the International Primatological Society, in Edinburgh. In appreciation, IPS awarded Paul a Life-time Membership of the Society.

In 2009 he gave the Charles River Lecture on Ethics and Animal Welfare at the National AALAS meeting in Denver, Colorado. He was awarded Honorary Membership of the Association of Primate Veterinarians in 2012 and currently chairs the Captive Care Working Party of the Primate Society of Great Britain. Paul contributed to the Charles River book on A Guide to the Behaviour and Enrichment of Laboratory Macaques authoring sections on Long-tailed macaques, Enrichment and Abnormal Behaviour. In 2014, Paul was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Association of Primate Veterinarians and in 2016 to the Captive Care & Breeding Committee of the International Primatological Society.

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Barbara Jenkins

Working with Industry and Government in Shipping Day Old Chicks, Poults, and Hatching Eggs to Feed the World

Mrs. Jenkins is Vice President of Education and Student Programs with U.S. Poultry & Egg Association in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been with USPOULTRY for nearly 17 years. USPOULTRY is the all-feather association that focuses on research, education, and communication for the poultry and egg industries. Mrs. Jenkins works closely with the USPOULTRY Air Cargo Committee to educate the airline and air cargo community on proper handling of day old chicks, poults, and hatching eggs. She received her BS degree in business administration from DeVry University.

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Sang-Nyun Kim, PhD

Experiences in the Humane Transport of Laboratory Animals

Sang-Nyun Kim, PhD, serves as Vice President, Corporate Research Development, at Orient Bio Inc., Korea. His top responsibility includes overcoming the challenges of laboratory animal transportation, which is best practiced by setting a dedicated team who knows the rules, regulations, and different import and quarantine laws for each individual country. In particular, the transporting of nonhuman primates has been the greatest challenge for Orient Bio. Dr. Kim also has been involved in developing the patient-derived xenograft pharmacology portfolios, genetically modified animal services and molecular diagnosis kits for precision medicines. He previously served as a principal researcher at LG Household Healthcare where several biologically active compounds for hair regrowth, skin anti-aging and antibacterial activities were discovered and utilized in new drugs and cosmetic developments. Dr. Kim received an MA in microbiology/immunology from Western Illinois University and his PhD in microbiology from the University of Maryland.

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Dr. Paolo Martelli

Zoo Animal Transport

Paolo Martelli has worked full time in zoological medicine with the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari from 1993 to 2004, and then 2005 to the present with Ocean Park, Hong Kong. In the course of this work he has also led or participated in field projects in South and South East Asia and Southern Africa. He has consulted or assisted institutions, projects and individuals with a variety of medical, surgical or husbandry needs in many countries.  Dr. Martelli is a member of the Crocodile Specialist Group (Vice-Chair for Veterinary Science), the Wildlife Health Specialist Group and the Pangolin Specialist Group. Above all he enjoys engaging in unusual veterinary matters in unusual places with unusual people for the practical benefit of people, animals and the environment.

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Sandy Matheson

Importing Animals to Australia – The Right Way

A lifetime lover of animals and air logistics, from 1985 till 1991 Sandy Matheson worked with Qantas Airways looking after all livestock shipments. Based on experiences gleaned during this time, Matheson recognized the need for a dedicated livestock transport company and in 1991 established Jetpets Animal Transport. This family based company grew quickly and recently celebrated 25 years in business. Today Jetpets employs over 200 staff working purely on live animal transport with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Over this time Sandy has driven many welfare initiatives and animal transport innovations in order to provide the highest standards in safety and comfort for travelling livestock. Sandy has arranged a wide variety of animals to and from all parts of the globe, including zoo animals for endangered species protection such as elephants and rhinoceros, tigers, lions and water buffalo. Other projects include successfully transporting sharks, ostriches, farm animals and other beasts. Mostly however, Matheson and his team have helped reunite many tens of thousands of family pets all around the world. Matheson is married with two children who now work in the business and enjoys spending time with his two Jack Russell terriers.

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Stephen Meerwald

Maritime Transport of Production Animals – The Australian Experience

Stephen Meerwald has been involved in the meat and livestock industry since 1978 when he first joined what was then Australia’s largest sheep meat processor operating from their Western Australian headquarters in Fremantle. As livestock controller for the state he gained a broad exposure to lamb, sheep and beef processing at four plants as well as a constant order book for livestock to be shipped from ports around the state. In 1983 he joined the fledgling Wellard Group where he remained until 2013, firstly in the capacity of General Manager and from 2004 as Managing Director of Wellard Rural Exports.

In his roles at Wellard, Stephen was responsible for exporting livestock consignments from Australia, New Zealand and the Americas to destinations around the globe. Stephen has a broad understanding of the issues facing livestock exporters and ship operators globally through having managed an integrated international livestock supply chain across species and countries.

Australia is a major exporter of commercial livestock for breeding, feeding and immediate slaughter and the industry operates in a highly regulated and increasingly scrutinized environment. Stephen has been involved in the evolution of industry management and was Chairman of the industry’s first efforts at internal QA systems through the implementation of the Livestock Export Accreditation Program (LEAP) in the late 90s.

Stephen has provided extensive input into industry policy in Australia over the last 3 decades with terms on the Board of the Australian Livestock Export Corporation, the Australian Livestock Exporters Council, the Live Export Industry R&D Committee and is currently chairman of the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust Advisory Committee, Vice Chairman of the WA Beef Council and Chairman of the Western Australian Cattle Industry Funds Management Committee.

Since 2013 Stephen’s commercial interests in the agricultural and livestock industries have continued through his consulting business Indago Solutions Pty Ltd together with trading interests through Central Pacific Livestock Pty Ltd, Phoenix Exports Pty Ltd, supply chain service provider Taurindi Beef Pty Ltd and integrated supply chain investor Harmony Agriculture and Food Company.

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Grant Miller, MBE

Partnership Working to Tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade:  what Border Force CITES is doing to combat wildlife crime and smuggling.

Grant Miller, MBE, is Senior Officer at Border Force UK. He has been a law enforcement officer specializing in Border Customs work for thirty years. He has worked within investigation, Intelligence, and anti-smuggling rolls across both air and maritime ports. Miller is currently leading the national CITES enforcement team. Based at Heathrow airport this team enforces the UK’s obligations to the CITES convention. Formed twenty-five years ago in response to a health and safety incident involving concealed poison dart frogs, the team has grown and is now regarded and recognized as being world leaders in this field of enforcement. In 2012 Miller took on the chairmanship of the UK’s CITES priority delivery group, a group that controls and dictates the direction and pace of CITES enforcement in the UK, reporting directly to the Chief Constable with the lead for wildlife crime. Miller also represents UK law enforcement at the EU Commissions Enforcement Working Group. In 2015 he was the instigator of the participation of 25 member states in the global operation Cobra 3. This operation delivered unprecedented numbers of seizures across the member states and raised the profile of the Illegal wildlife trade. Miller has trained around the world working with bodies like WCO, UNEP, UNODC, Europol and Interpol. In 2016, he was appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the International Protection of Wildlife and Border Security. In 2014, he received a commendation from the World Customs Organization. In 2013, he was awarded the WWF enforcement operation of the year, for the seizure and return of thirteen San Salvador Rock Iguanas.

Miller states, “the corner stone for my work is about partnership with all involved in the transport sector and wildlife trade. Through this engagement positive relationships have been built with trade sectors that were previously seen as problem areas. Following a strategy of prevention, enhanced intelligence and effective enforcement activity, the UK has seen significant improvements in the threat level that the illegal wildlife trade impacts on the UK.”

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Roly Owers

European Horse Network – Anything to Learn?

Roly Owers is a qualified veterinary surgeon and has been Chief Executive of the charity, World Horse Welfare, since 2008. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1992, acquired his Master’s degree in nutrition from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1997, and his CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) in 2005. His previous veterinary roles were with the Blue Cross and Royal Army Veterinary Corps before moving into the charity and fundraising world with the ILPH (now World Horse Welfare) and the Perse School, Cambridge.

Roly is currently Treasurer of the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA), Chairman of the UK Equine Disease Coalition, a member of the Steering Group of the UK Equine Sector Council for health and welfare, and a Board member of the European Horse Network.

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Dr. Barbara Padalino

Effects of Long Distance Transportation on Immunological, Clinical, Haematological and Oxidative Parameters in Horses

Dr. Barbara Padalino is as an equine veterinarian and a research fellow in Animal Science at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Bari University (Italy). Currently she is undertaking her PhD on the implications for horse health and welfare arising from transportation at the University of Sydney (Australia). Her research topics have been the effects of transportation on horse health and welfare since 2012, trying to identify which best practices may make the journey less stressful for horses. The presentation will be about one of the studies conducted during the PhD. This study reports the effects of a four-day journey on immunological, clinical, haematological, inflammatory and oxidative parameters. This first multidisciplinary study demonstrates that long distance transportation impairs the cell-mediated immune responses and induces an acute phase response. A better understanding of the link between transportation stress, the immune system and acute phase response is useful to inform strategies for enhancing the welfare of transported horses.

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Robert Quest

Obtaining Consistency in Compliance

Robert Quest obtained his degree at Cardiff University. He did a spell teaching biology in Uganda before returning to the UK. For the past 29 years he has been an enforcement officer for the City of London Corporation. This work involves ensuring compliance on the import and transit of animals at the Border Inspection Post at Heathrow Airport, which he manages. He is a member of the UK National Animal Health and Welfare Panel and Chairs a regional branch. Currently, most of his work involves the enforcement of regulations 576/2013 and 1/2005, both personally and through his team of over thirty, which includes four veterinary officers. Quest is also employed as a part-time government Wildlife Inspector for the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency. His other specialism is CITES regulations and the identification of CITES species for customs and police.

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Dr. Christopher Riggs

Clinical Experience at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Managing Horses after Long Flights

Dr. Riggs studied veterinary science at the University of Bristol in the early eighties. He then received further training in equine surgery at the Royal Veterinary College, London and was awarded a PhD for research into causes of racehorse fractures in 1991. He has worked at several equine referral centres, including the University of Liverpool in the UK and Oakey Veterinary Hospital, Queensland, Australia. Chris has been Head of Veterinary Clinical Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club since January 2003.

Dr. Riggs is particularly interested, and has specialist qualifications, in surgery and orthopaedics and has research interests in fatigue of bone and its role in racehorse fractures. He is passionate about providing opportunities in further education to colleagues in Asia.

His greatest professional achievement to date was to oversee the veterinary services at the equestrian events of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to contribute to the safe return home of all horses after the events.

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John Sancenito

Animal Rights Extremism: Risk to Animal Transportation Industries / Creating a Security Culture

John J. Sancenito is the President and co-owner of Information Network Associates, Inc. (INA); an international investigative and corporate consulting firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  INA offers a variety of services for the corporate and government sectors including security consulting, intelligence collection and analysis, risk mitigation, investigations, digital forensics and executive protection.

Mr. Sancenito’s professional experience includes more than 14 years as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer.  He is a former County Detective with the Cumberland County Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office, Criminal Investigation Division.  He is the former Chairman of the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority Advisory Committee and a former member of the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority Advisory Committee. 

Mr. Sancenito is an internationally recognized speaker who has lectured on topics including domestic terrorism, animal rights extremism, insider threats prevention, workplace violence, event security management, fraud investigation, interview and interrogation techniques, and digital forensics.  He has considerable expertise on domestic terrorism groups and tactics and is considered one of the foremost experts on animal rights and environmental extremism.  He has conducted training for Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies around the country on the ideology, tactics, and methods of domestic terrorism networks.  Mr. Sancenito is a respected writer and news media consultant on security matters.   He authors security columns for two research industry magazines.   

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Kenneth Serrien

When Goats Fly

Kenneth Serrien is the creator of the International Animal Lounge. He has been in the business of animal transportation for over 10 years and has helped to develop the competition and pleasure horse import and export industry immensely. Expanding into the pet care and transportation side, the International Animal Lounge will greatly benefit pets flying through, to, or from the Calgary International Airport and create a positive flying experience for your dogs, cats, or other smaller furry family.

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Stan Shea

To Carry or Not To Carry:  Lessons from the Shark Fin and Live Reef Food Fish Trade

Stan Shea is the Marine Programme Director of BLOOM Association Hong Kong (BLOOM HK). He holds a B.Sc in Environmental Sciences from Oxford Brookes University and an M.Phil in Ecology and Biodiversity from the Swire Marine Institute of Science (SWIMS) of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), where he completed a master's thesis on the abundance and diversity of corallivorous chaetodontid (butterfly fish) species as an indicator of coral reef health in Hong Kong.

BLOOM HK is a marine conservation organisation dedicated to independent research, education and lobbying work related to shark and marine protection. As BLOOM’s resident marine scientist, Stan has given seminars to more than 4000 people in Hong Kong, the audience ranging from school children to corporate leaders and government officials. Internationally, he is deeply involved with the work of combating the unsustainable trade of threatened shark species through enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) regulations.

Locally, Stan conducts underwater dive surveys to identify and record the reef fishes of Hong Kong. He has also been involved for many years as a Team Scientist of the Hong Kong Reef Check, and co-authored in a published book documenting 7 years of local reef fish records. Other research projects currently overseen by Stan include Mobulid gill plate trade dynamics and shark fin trade species composition in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

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Brian Stewart, BV. Sc. (Melbourne), MBA

International Horse Movement for Competition: Making it Happen

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Stewart has worked as a clinician and a regulator with a number of racing authorities that made international Thoroughbred horseracing an important component of their racing development strategy, including the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Singapore Turf Club and Racing Victoria. He has played key industry liaison roles in the development of international racing in Singapore, the establishment of the Equine Disease Free Zone at Cong Hua, that permitted the conduct of the equestrian events for the 2010 Asian Games in China. He has overseen international racing movement and biosecurity at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the operations of the Werribee International Horse Centre, which is the biosecurity facility for international runners in the Melbourne Spring Carnival races, including the Melbourne Cup. Dr. Stewart is currently the Chairman of the International Movement of Horses Committee (IMHC) of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities.

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Ashley Stokes, DVM, PhD

Transportation Certifications for Shippers: Updates and Future Directions

Ashley M. Stokes, DVM, PhD currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for Engagement at Colorado State University. The Office of Engagement includes CSU Extension, CSU Online, the Office of Community and Economic Development, the Water Institute, climate initiatives, and some international programs. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Assistant Dean for the CSU College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 2015-2016. She served as the Interim Associate Dean for Extension and as the Extension Veterinarian at the University of Hawaii (UH) 2009-2015. In addition to working with the various animal industries in Hawaii and the Pacific Region, she also served as a faculty member and researcher at UH, and directed the undergraduate pre-veterinary program. Her current areas of research focus on long-haul transport of animals and minimizing stress responses potentially impacting immune function. Originally from Louisiana, she attended the University of Alabama for her undergraduate studies, and then returned to Louisiana where she received her DVM and a PhD in physiology and pharmacology at Louisiana State University (LSU). Stokes then served at LSU for six years as a faculty member in the Equine Health Studies Program.

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Steven Verhasselt

Horse Inn at Liege Airport: State of the Art Facility in the Heart of Europe

Steven Verhasselt joined Liege Airport as Cargo Development Manager Asia in 2006. Now he is the commercial director of Liege Airport, Belgium’s leading cargo airport. He is responsible for the global cargo development as core business, but is also in charge of passenger, real estate and Liege Airport Consulting. 

Mr. Verhasselt entered the aviation world in 2001 running a project to start up a cargo airline based in Brussels. The project led him to the Middle East and Asia. In 2003, when working on a project in Hong Kong, Mr. Verhasselt decided to stay there and start his own company, consulting airports, airlines and aviation related companies willing to develop business in Asia.

Steven Verhasselt graduated in Brussels, from Ehsal Business School with a Master Degree in Business Administration. He started working for the Regional Development Agency, focused on assisting startup companies with business plans, seed and venture capital. One of the projects he was assigned to lead him into aviation.

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Jennifer Woods

Over a Decade in the Making - New Canadian Transport Regulations

An Animal Care and Welfare specialist based out of Blackie, Alberta, Canada, Woods obtained her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at Colorado State University and her Masters degree in Veterinary Preventative Medicine - Animal Welfare from Iowa State University. She has over 25 years’ experience with production livestock and has been collaborating with the livestock industry in all aspects of animal welfare and care since 1998. She has been a professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) certified processing plant auditor and instructor for other auditors since 2007, and is the lead trainer and developer for the Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) Certification program. Her areas of expertise include euthanasia, animal handling and behavior, animal welfare auditing and assessing (slaughter, farm, feedlot and transportation), livestock emergency response, transportation and facility design. Her work has been used globally to audit, train and improve farm animal welfare.

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Frank Young

Best Practices for the Transportation of Marine Teleost and Elasmobranchs

Frank Young graduated from the University of Florida in 2007 and is currently COO of Dynasty Marine Associates, making him the third generation of his family’s business.  Among other duties, he manages the logistics and transportation of live teleost and elasmobranchs from Dynasty’s holding facility to various public aquariums around the world.  He is always striving to safely add innovation to the way this marine life is transported. These innovations help to ensure the health of the animals he works with.

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