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  • 14 Aug 2017 8:57 AM | Anonymous

    To celebrate World Elephant Day and help stomp out illegal trade of wildlife, Heathrow has created and installed a pop-up interactive display at the airport’s Terminal 5 today.

    The pop-up will be run in partnership with Border Force and IAG Cargo to support United for Wildlife’s ‘United for Elephants’ Campaign and raise awareness of critically endangered species. Heathrow will unite airport partners and travellers under a common purpose – to create a global movement for change – using interactive games and displays.

    The installation will feature a limited edition Angry Birds ‘united for elephants’ game, elephant masks for kids and virtual reality headsets taking travellers to visit elephants in the Serengeti to inspire them to learn about and help protect endangered species. Representatives from Border Force and IAG Cargo will also be on hand to provide passengers with further information about elephants and illegal trade. Border Force’s CITES team will also display examples of elephant product seized at Heathrow.

    Matt Gorman, Heathrow Director of Sustainability said:

    “As a leading international travel hub, Heathrow has a responsibility to take the best possible care of everyone and everything that passes through our gates. We are proud to be a key signatory of the United for Wildlife Buckingham Palace Declaration and are committed to working with our partners to create a world worth traveling, for future generations.”

    As part of Heathrow’s plan for sustainable growth – Heathrow 2.0 – the airport is committed to take action to help curb illegal trade in endangered species, and therefore protect the world’s precious wildlife. This event is part of that commitment and will help Heathrow to meet its ambition to ensure no illegal wildlife or illegal animal products pass through the airport.

    Naomi Doak, Head of Conservation Programmes, United for Wildlife said:

    “Working with the private sector and in particular transport companies is crucial if we are going to break the supply chain for illegal wildlife products. The work that Heathrow, Border Force and IAG Cargo are doing on this issue provides a leading light not only in activities like this one on World Elephant Day, but also as a group of organisations from across the sector working together. It is only through effective partnerships like this that we will be able to create a future for some of the world’s most iconic species.”

    Grant Miller, head of the Border Force CITES team, said:

     “Although this was a fun event it had a very serious message behind it. Ivory smuggling on export from the UK is a serious contributory factor in the threat of extinction faced by many species of elephant. Border Force’s specialist CITES team takes its role in preventing illegal wildlife trafficking very seriously and, working together with our partners in the UK and internationally, we are determined to bring it to an end. We continue to work with the transport sector to develop more eyes and ears on the ground and make Heathrow an ethical gateway to the world.”

    Gabriella Tamasi, Live Animal Product Compliance Manager at IAG Cargo said:

    “The air cargo industry plays an important role in the protection of endangered species, we regularly transport animals protected under CITES and as a signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration for ‘United for Wildlife’ we are proud to be working closely with our partners to ensure that all animals are transported and treated in the safest and best possible way”.

  • 27 Jun 2017 11:28 AM | Anonymous


    Dreamworld and Jetpets partner to transport “Holden and Kimba”, two rare white Lions - Jade McLaren


     How do you move two male lions over 1400kms?

    This was the question posed to us at Jetpets last week when we completed the move of two white lions, “Holden and Kimba”, from their home at Altina Wildlife Park to Dreamworld on the Goldcoast.

    The two brothers are part of only a handful of rare white lions in captivity and weigh in over 200kgs each. The lions hail from the Timbavati region in Africa and due to human interference and poaching, have not been sighted in the wild since 2010.

    “Welcoming Holden and Kimba to Dreamworld will further help conservation initiatives for cats in the wild through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and will raise awareness of the plight of our vulnerable and endangered big cats around the world”, a Dreamworld spokesperson said.

    The lions were picked up at Altina Wildlife Park last Wednesday by Jetpets pet handlers and were transported in custom built steel crates to ensure they remained calm and comfortable during transit. The lions personal handlers, who have raised them since they were cubs, also made the journey to check the lions condition during the numerous stops on the way to their holiday destination.

    “It was a rewarding experience being involved in the move of these majestic lions, our service and relationship with Dreamworld continues to make Jetpets the leader in animal transport in Australia”, Montana Sheridan, National Customer Service Manager.

    Guests to Dreamworld will have the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime face to face encounter with the imposing lions from this week through to mid July, when they will be transported back to their home at Altina Wildlife Park.

    Stay tuned to Jetpets social media for more information on the brothers return trip next month and future zoo animals moves completed by Jetpets .

    Picture #1 The 200kg plus white lion is lifted on to Jetpets transport truck

    Picture #2 The brothers exploring their new enclosure at Dreamworld

  • 19 Jun 2017 10:22 AM | Anonymous

    In April this year, the team at Jetpets were very happy to assist their friends at Australia Zoo, organising the urgent and safe transportation of eight beautiful koalas and two cheeky dingoes from WILD LIFE Hamilton Island.

    The koalas and pair of dingoes - siblings Dekota and Doza - were taking a short vacation south while their home is rebuilt on the island, following the extensive damage to the wildlife park caused by tropical cyclone Debbie.


    The Jetpets team pulled out all stops to ensure access to flights, collecting the koalas and dingoes from Hamilton Island and working closely with the airport to ensure all travellers arrived safely to the Sunshine Coast.


    The koalas and dingoes are now spending their time enjoying life at Australia Zoo with plenty of food and love until WILD LIFE Hamilton Island is ready for them to return home.

  • 24 May 2017 10:49 AM | Anonymous

    May 9 – 12, 2017 ATA represented at the Transport Logistics Trade Show in Munich, Germany. This trade show features service providers for all aspects of cargo transport.


    The ATA was fortunate enough to team up with the Brussels Airport Authority for the event. Filip Vande Cappelle, Jeff Segers and Jennifer Woods were on hand to network and answer questions on animal transportation and the ATA.


    May 10th, Jennifer and Jeff presented two consecutive sessions on the ATA and Animal Welfare considerations for animals in transit, with focus on live animal handling facilities at airports. Great buzz was generated around the ATA and our efforts on improvement and accountability in relation to animal welfare during transit.


    ATA will be teaming up for more cargo expo with Brussels Airport in Miami, FL November 1 - 3. 2017. 

  • 23 May 2017 11:23 AM | Anonymous

    SomersetLIVE News Link - click here

    May 2017

    For the first time ever, a baby Orangutan has flown business class from Moscow to London. The special rescue journey was made possible by a team of experts from IAG Cargo, Monkey World and Moscow Zoo.

    Loren, an infant Bornean orang-utan was rejected by her mother immediately after birth at Moscow Zoo and has since been cared for by keepers. Experts from Moscow Zoo have worked tirelessly with the world renowned Dorset sanctuary Monkey World to help give baby Loren a family of her own kind again.

    Due to Loren’s young age of 21 months, the best way for a rescue to happen was for Loren to fly in the passenger Cabin. IAG Cargo and sister company British Airways made special arrangements for Loren to fly business class from Moscow to London, allowing her to receive care from a team of specialists throughout her journey.

    Over the last 3 months, the team at IAG Cargo and Monkey World worked alongside teams at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Departments of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and British Airways to gain the relevant approvals to allow her access to the cabin.

    Loren was kept safe and secure throughout the four and a half hour flight, occupying an IATA compliant container. She was accompanied by Gabriella Tamasi, an animal air transport specialist at IAG Cargo and a team from Monkey World who ensured Loren’s complete wellbeing throughout the journey.

    “While we transport tens of thousands of animals safely in the cargo holds of our aircraft each year, when we heard about Loren, her background and her age we realised we needed to do all we could to get an exception granted that would allow her to fly in the cabin,” explains Tamasi.  “She has gone through the same pre-flight checks that all animals we transport go through and as a signatory to United for Wildlife, it’s a real privilege to be able to accompany her on this exciting journey.”

    Following her arrival at London Heathrow, Loren was met by DEFRA on board the aircraft and then moved to the Animal Reception Centre who look after animals that fly with IAG Cargo each year.   From Heathrow she was moved by road to the Monkey World sanctuary in Dorset.

    IAG Cargo regularly transports animals protected under the CITES agreement and works closely with IATA, ATA, the City of London Animal Reception Centre and the UK Border Force CITIES team to ensure all animals are transported and treated in the safest and best possible way.

  • 20 Nov 2015 1:43 PM | Anonymous

    On 6 November, ATA member Animals First transported a two year old giant panda, Fu Bao, from the Vienna Zoo to Chengdu, China.

    The Vienna Zoo has a contract with the Chinese government that loans giant pandas to the zoo. If a cub is born to the pair of pandas, the zoo must send the cub back to China after two years.

    Animals First arranged a flight with Austrian airlines to transfer Fu Bao to Amsterdam. After arriving in Amsterdam, the panda was transferred to a KLM to Chendu flight on a B747 where attendants have full access to the panda during the flight.

    ATA member EagleFreight assisted in the customs clearance at AMS. This is the third successful panda cub transport from the Vienna Zoo to Chendu arranged by Animals First, with the first taking place in 2009 and the second in 2012. Click here to see a video of the 2012 transport, also arranged with KLM.

  • 13 Nov 2015 1:41 PM | Anonymous

    Last Friday, 6 November, 12 live alpacas originating from Santiago de Chile, arrived in Amsterdam. Born and raised in the Andes Mountains, these alpacas were on their way to Germany.

    The animals were shipped in a crate on a lower deck on KLM's direct flight from Santiago to Amsterdam. ATA member EagleFreight uses the Amsterdam Schipol Animal Hotel as a hub for further transit to the western regions of Europe.

    Usually alpacas arrive in one single lot, but sometimes, several crates with two layers arrive and orders are split in Amsterdam for several consignees.

    In this particular case, the 12 alpacas were consigned to two different customers in Germany, but shipped in one single crate. EagleFreight, as the agent for the Chilean shipper at Schipol, arranged for customs clearance and took care of the correct split in order to deliver the animals to their new domiciles.

    EagleFreight and KLM, two ATA members, are working close together to make such transport successful with respect for the welfare for the alpacas. As EagleFreight's motto says, "We do care for mother nature."

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