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    ATA member - Jetpet - Celebrity Pet Transport moves

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    ATA member - Jetpet Wombat move with a twist

  • 15 Sep 2017 12:07 PM | Robin Turner (Administrator)

    As part of the responsible veterinarian authorities in Cologne, in 2015 Cologne Bonn Airport was admitted as a transportation company for the commercial transport of vertebrates according to article 11 (1) order (EC) No. 1/2005.

    For the purpose of article 5 paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 letter b of above mentioned order three employees of Cologne Bonn Airport were named by veterinarian authority as the responsible people who dispose of the proved necessary qualifications. The executive board of Cologne Bonn Airport has named those three employees as Animal Welfare Advisors and gave them the authority to direct accordingly.


    Those are currently Mr. Frank Fielenbach, Mr. Gerit F. Thurm and Mr. Horst Zachary.


    In addition to their original duties at Cologne Bonn Cargo Centre (CBCC), they are responsible for all animal transports (Cargo + PAX) which are carried out on the area of the airport. 


    In the field of Passage, primarily the airline or their commissioned ground handling company is responsible all animals are transported according to IATA Live Animal Regulation (LAR).

    In particular with check-in of animals the check-in agent is responsible that all regulations of IATA LAR are kept.

    The animal welfare advisors will control and audit such transports in the future.


    As a rule, all export loadings of animals declared as cargo (aboard freighter or passenger aircrafts) needs to be pre-alerted on time and will get prepared and accompanied by the Animal Welfare Advisors accordingly.


    The Animal Welfare Advisors are available for all animal related subjects during regularly working hours Monday – Friday 08:00am – 05:00pm as follows:


    Mr. Frank Fielenbach      +49 2203 40 3095

    Mr. Gerit F. Thurm         +49 2203 40 4347

    Mr. Horst Zachary          +49 2203 40 4761


    Fax:                            +49 2203 40 5707



    In any case of an emergency, at least one Animal Welfare Advisor is available 24/7 (Call-on duty) as follows - Phone:  +49 2203 40 2050 (call diversion to mobile phone)

    Such emergencies (in particular at arrival) could be (for example):


    ·        AVI-H escaped during the flight from the transport box and cannot get controlled / retrained / captured / being sent back into the transport box before the offloading the belly

    ·        AVI-H has escaped during the flight from the transport box and has left the aircraft uncontrolled while opening the belly door

    ·        AVI-H has not been pick-up by the accompanying passenger and got stored at “Lost & Found” counter

    ·        AVI-H has fallen ill during the flight or has passed away

    ·        PET-C has fallen ill during the flight or has passed away

    ·        “Blind animal passenger” aboard … animal have got admission to the aircraft at the origin before take-off (during loading or were loaded into the aircraft together with cargo) unnoticed

    ·        Smuggled animals have escaped during the flight from the luggage

    ·        Landed airplanes and/or ULDs are strongly contaminated with fresh animal excrements


    In case of emergencies, if necessary, we work closely together with airport veterinary station/ border inspection post, fire department, environmental station, security, animalshelters, external veterinarians, the Cologne Zoo, animal forwarding agencies, animal waste processing enterprises and the customs authorities together to co-ordinate necessary actions.


    Köln Bonn Airport


    Gerit F. Thurm

    Tiertransportschutzbeauftragter / Animal Welfare Adviser


    Flughafen Köln Bonn GmbH

    Postfach 98 01 20 | 51129 Köln


    T + 49 (0) 22 03 - 40 43 47

    T + 49 (0) 22 03 – 40 20 50 (EMERGENCY 24/7 ON-CALL DUTY)


  • 24 Aug 2017 12:08 PM | Robin Turner (Administrator)

    How do you move two male lions over 1400kms?

    This was the question posed to us at Jetpets last week when we completed the move of two white lions, “Holden and Kimba”, from their home at Altina Wildlife Park to Dreamworld on the Goldcoast.

    The two brothers are part of only a handful of rare white lions in captivity and weigh in over 200kgs each. The lions hail from the Timbavati region in Africa and due to human interference and poaching, have not been sighted in the wild since 2010.

    “Welcoming Holden and Kimba to Dreamworld will further help conservation initiatives for cats in the wild through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and will raise awareness of the plight of our vulnerable and endangered big cats around the world”, a Dreamworld spokesperson said.

    The lions were picked up at Altina Wildlife Park last Wednesday by Jetpets pet handlers and were transported in custom built steel crates to ensure they remained calm and comfortable during transit. The lions personal handlers, who have raised them since they were cubs, also made the journey to check the lions condition during the numerous stops on the way to their holiday destination.

    The 200kg plus white lion is lifted on to Jetpets transport truck

    “It was a rewarding experience being involved in the move of these majestic lions, our service and relationship with Dreamworld continues to make Jetpets the leader in animal transport in Australia”, Montana Sheridan, National Customer Service Manager.

    Guests to Dreamworld will have the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime face to face encounter with the imposing lions from this week through to mid July, when they will be transported back to their home at Altina Wildlife Park.

    The brothers exploring their new enclosure at Dreamworld

    Website link - click here.

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