ATA Statement of Policies

The Animal Transportation Association, Inc. (ATA) believes that all animals, birds, fish and other living creatures, domestic and wild, including biological materials, are a vital part of our world environment, to be preserved, humanely treated, and utilized for the long-term well being and benefit of the human race. The ATA understands the need for research, education, and some public interest regulation of animal health and transportation, and it is the policy of ATA to develop and promote, in collaboration with the industry, the best means of accomplishing these objectives.

To that objective; BE IT RESOLVED that it is the continuing policy of the ATA to encourage research, education, improved service, and increased international coordination in the shipment of live animals (including birds, fish, and biological cargo) by:

  • Providing assistance and fully coordinating ATA activities worldwide with international and national organizations which have a common interest in welfare and the economics of transporting live animals;

  • Encouraging all nations, for humane reasons, to facilitate international and internal transportation of animals via the most expeditious, economic routes, including extending high priorities to live animal shipments and in-transit privileges consistent with the health requirements of the affected countries;

  • Encouraging priorities for live animal cargo on the part of carriers and cargo and terminal handlers;

  • Encouraging the establishment of an animal protection office at principal ports and terminals where live animals are handled to arrange for and oversee adequate protection of and humane and expeditious handling of live animal shipments;

  • Encouraging communications by serving as a clearing house for information on special problems or complaints of shippers, receivers, handlers, carriers or other involved parties and actively seeking information from the industry and researchers world-wide and making that information available. ATA also should serve as a medium of gathering researchable problems and feeding that information to all researchers;

  • Encourage research on all phases of animal transportation, collect and develop information on the performance of various transport equipment and techniques;

  • Encouraging, along with other interested organizations, the development of prescribed "standard regimens", by species, for the conditioning of animals prior to transport, loading, carrying, unloading and post transport care.

We also recognize that the safe and humane transport of animals cannot be separated from animal health issues relating to export certification, nor from the manner in which animals are cared for following transport. The ATA therefore supports continued discussions and negotiation between exporting and importing countries toward the establishment of practical export testing protocols as well as an increased emphasis on providing appropriate technical assistance to the importers to ensure proper care and treatment of animals following shipment.

As members of ATA, we subscribe to the above policies and agree that our first consideration is the safe, humane, and expeditious handling of any animals under our care. We understand that research, education, and training are vital to improved animal transportation and are willing to share with other members all legal information and knowledge which will improve the welfare of the animals. Further, we pledge continued support to research and education beneficial to animals and the industry. 

If an ATA member is deemed to be acting contrary to the ATA Statement of Policies, the ATA reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership at the discretion of the ATA Board of Directors.

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