Dresden Conference Speakers Index
  1. APPELT, Dr. Martin - (Canada)     Animal Welfare and The Cost of Government Regulation - Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?
  2. BLOCK, Matt  -  (UK)     Key Issues When Transporting Lab Animals
  3. GIMENEZ,  Rebecca- (USA)     Equine Rescue & Responses
  4. GIROT, Jean Paul - (UAE)     Risk Management in Ocean Transport
  5. HALL, Cameron - (Australia)     Ocean Transport & Animal Welfare: The Australia Livestock Export Industry: What Is It and What Does it Do?
  6. HEITMANN, Axel - (Germany)     Lufthansa's New Animal Station at Frankfurt Airport
  7. HEWITT, Steve - (UK)     Statutory Animal Welfare Certificates of Competence Required for Road Haulage Drivers in the EU
  8. JOHNSON-SMITH, Kay  (USA)     Organizations Working Together Against Activism
  9. MORGAN, Eric - (UK)     Manchester - Animal Activism in the U.K.
  10. MORGAN,  Eric - (UK)     Key Issues When Transporting Lab Animals
  11. NUNIAM, Supote - (Thailand)     Shipping in Water: Transport of Live Tropical Fish. Preparing Fish for Transit
  12. OSTERLOH, Heinz - (German)     EU Regulation  1/2005 and the Implementation on Livestock Transport
  13. RIBO, Dr. Oriol - (Italy)     Scientific Evidence of the Welfare Aspects of Animal Transport: The Role of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  14. SCHOPPA, Lisa - (USA)     The Cost to Airlines
  15. SMITH, Doug - (USA)     Threat Management Strategies for the Animal Transportation Industry
  16. STEVENSON, Peter - (UK)     The Global Long Distance Transport Campaign: An Inside Look
  17. TILBURG, Raymond - (Netherlands)     Transport of Day-Old Products: Baby Chicks and More
  18. WEISS, Rudiger - (Germany)     Building a Better Crate: Specialty Crates for Zoologicals
  19. WISSENBACH, Kay - (Germany)     Shipping in water: Transport of Live Tropical Fish. Import Requirements and Procedures Upon Arrival
  20. WOODS, Jennifer - (Canada)     The Ongoing Debate - Reality vs Perception in Horse Transports for Slaughter
  21. WRAPSON,  Rodger - (UK)     The Cost to the Trucking Industry

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