ATA 37th Annual Conference                                      

Many Modes, One Goal
May 22-25, 2011
Brussels Marriott Hotel
Rue Auguste Orts 3-7
Grand Place, Belgium

Session Presentations

A. Dyson - Regulations and Laws- Lessons Learned
A. Dyson - Shipping pigs by air? What you need to know
A. Kubik - Problems and solutions to horse transportation by road, sea and air
A. Mathew - TSA Screening for Live Animal Export From the U.S.
A. Mathew - Live Animal Screening
A. Niemeyer - New Australian Developments in the transport of livestock by air
D. Van Ravenhorst - Animal Welfare in combination with transport economy
E. Harper - The Business Side of Livestock Transport
E. Harper - Council Regulation (EC)1/2005 Progress So Far - Has There Been Any
E. Harper - Driver Training
I. Rubinoff - Transportation of Poultry Eggs, Day Old Chicks, and Adult Birds
J. Woods - The Welfare of Horses During Transport
JW. de Gooijer - Veterinarian for AF/KL Cargo, Martinair Cargo
K. Kroon - TRACES TRAde Control and Expert System
K. Meldrum - Review of Regulation 1/2005
N. De Briyne - The veterinarians Role in the Transport of Livestock
S. House - Managing Your Transit Point via Airline Shipments
S. Stennett - Insuring Animals for Transport

Zoological/Companion Animals
E. Papp: Transport from Budapest to Indonesia
E. Papp: Transport from Nyíregyháza, Hungary to Indonesia
E. Papp- Sosto Zoo

Lab Animals/Research
S. Pritt- IACUC & Institutional Oversight of Research Animal Transportation
G. Mulder- Rodent Primary Enclosures and Suitability for Ground/Air Transport
C. Joubert- Regulatory Considerations in the Transport of Laboratory Animals

General Sessions
D. Battaglia: Enhancing animal welfare in developing countries
B. Fried: The New Reality
A. Gavinelli: Animal Transport in the European Union
G. Schmitz: Transit through EU

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