The Animal Transportation Association

A non-profit association dedicated to the safe and humane transportation of animals - worldwide

Deep Roots

Established in 1976 as the Animal Air Transportation Association, the ATA came together in response to concerns from industry leaders, government officials, and humane association representatives.

In 1989, the name changed to Animal Transportation Association to emphasize the equal importance of sea, air, and land transport in the safe and humane transport of animals.

Our Approach

The ATA connects individuals, businesses, organizations and groups involved in any phase of animal transportation. At our core, we are committed to the uniform and effective international regulations and humane handling of live animals. 

Steady Progress

ATA is proud to facilitate research and industry advancements. Every day we are helping to bridge knowledge gaps and share findings that can benefit us all. 

Collaborative Effort

Our members come from around the globe and represent the entire animal transportation spectrum:

  • Airlines
  • Truckers and shipping firms
  • Government agencies throughout the world
  • Universities and research organizations
  • Breeders
  • Importers / exporters
  • Veterinarians
  • And more...

ATA members are part of an international effort to provide quality animal transport solutions. We recognize the value of timely information, resources, contacts, and key developments and are doing our part to enhance transport services and conditions for animals worldwide.